Montag, 10. September 2012

Day 7: A picture of your most prized possession

Day 7: A picture of your most prized possession

Maybe somebody else would post a picture of a jewellery or a heirloom but after thinking about what to post today I realized that there's nothing material that I can (or want to) call my most prized possession. Because there is so much more in life that is a lot more precious that a necklace or something like that.
Two things in this post today: 

1. My FAITH. I think this is what I can call the most precious and most prized possession of mine. That I can be a child of god and can be sure to be loved by him. 
Vicarious for that, I choosed the picture with the ring. It's my favorite ring and the footsteps remind me of a story I heard long time ago (It's called "Footprints in the sand"). It's about how Jesus is there for the ones who believe in him. And the book, in which the ring is, is my bible. 

2. My best friend's and my FRIENDSHIP. Because no one could ever take it away. It's too special for me, I never had a friend like him (Thank you for everything :) Big HUG!). 
That picture you can see is now one year old and we both do not look very pretty! :D 

Hope you're still enjoying my littel project. Stay tuned. 

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