Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Day 1: A picture of you with 15 facts.

Day 1: A picture of you with 15 facts.

I’m a big dreamer.
I’m really short.
I love singing.
I’m addicted to nail polish.
I want to have a helix piercing – but I’m a coward.
I love writing poems, but a lot of them are just half finished.
I feel naked without my ring.
I often want to lose weight – but I fail every time.
In a conversation I'm the one who is talking almost the whole time.
I’m into romantic movies … and love songs.
I always establish new running gags between me and my best friend.
I worry a lot about how my friends feel – sometimes I feel worse than they do.
I’m average in school.
I’m a “wanna-become-better” thinker.
I’m religious. And I always hope know I’m not the lord of my life – Jesus is J.

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  1. Anonym4:21 PM

    I would say you ruin every running gag by telling it every single time we meet:D